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Sharing this warm and comforting bowl of noodles in a gochujang-mushroom broth w…

Sharing this warm and comforting bowl of noodles in a gochujang-mushroom broth w…


Sharing this warm and comforting bowl of noodles in a gochujang-mushroom broth with some veggies, corn, and spinach chickpea ‘meatballs’. Find the full recipe below! This is really perfect for the colder days especially in this rainy weather we’ve been experiencing cause of Typhoon Tisoy (Kammuri). Other parts of the country have been greatly affected because of the strong winds and rain—a lot of farmers have lost their crops and thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes. Because of climate change and warming oceans we’re gonna be seeing larger and stronger typhoons like this one in the coming years (typhoons feed off warm waters & moist air to gain strength—one thing I learned in my marine science class!). The Philippines is also one of the countries most susceptible to the effects of climate change so I really hope everyone is safe and dry during these times.

Okay so before I go more about climate change and the weather here’s the recipe for the noodles:

Noodles in a Gochujang-Mushroom Broth
Serves 2 people

6 cups water
1 small carrot, sliced
1 cob of yellow corn, divided into 5-6
1/4 cup leeks, chopped
2 cups (150g) fresh shimeji mushrooms or other mushroom of choice 
1/2 tbsp gochujang or other chili paste, adjust according to desired spice
1 tbsp korean soybean paste (doenjang) or miso paste, optional
1 tbsp soy sauce
Salt, to taste
100g dry wheat noodles or other noodles of choice

200 g bok choy, sliced 
6 spinach chickpea meatballs (recipe still in the works!)
Sesame seeds and more leeks, for topping
1 tbsp sesame oil

1. Heat a pot and add in 6 cups of water. Leave to boil. Once it boils, add in the carrots, corn, leeks, and mushrooms. Mix in the gochujang or chili paste, soybean or miso paste paste, and soy sauce. Season with salt, to taste.
2. Once the carrots and corn are cooked, lower the heat. Add in the noodles, bok choy and meatballs. Once the noodles are chewy, turn off the heat since the noodles will continue to cook in the hot soup.
3. Transfer to 2 bowls and finish with a drizzle of sesame oil and sprinkle with some sesame seeds. Enjoy while hot! .
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