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PEANUT STIR FRY One of the most common questions I get from my one-on-one nutri…


PEANUT STIR FRY ✨ One of the most common questions I get from my one-on-one nutrition counseling clients is how to make quick, nutritious, satisfying meals when you feel like there’s not even enough time to grocery shop. Trust me, I totally get it ?.
My biggest tip? Frozen veggies + fruit ?? So many people overlook frozen veggies and fruit because they think they aren’t as nutritious as fresh, but this isn’t the case ✨.
Did you know that frozen veggies and fruit can actually be MORE nutritious than fresh, since they’re picked and frozen at the peak of their ripeness?
✨Frozen veggies are also usually pre-chopped, meaning less prep-work for you.
✨They can help reduce food waste, since they keep for much longer than fresh.
✨They can also be MUCH less expensive than fresh!
I always stock my freezer with frozen broccoli, edamame (for protein) and any other veggies I feel like to throw together for a quick stir fry ? Throw my peanut lime sauce on top (recipe in my free ebook, link in bio!) and some pre-prepped rice and you’ve got a quick, healhy and delicious meal ✨.
If you’re looking for more personalized solutions to you or your family’s nutrition needs, let’s talk. I can help you at any step of your journey on a plant-based, vegetarian or vegan diet to make sure you’re getting the proper nutrition that you need in a way that works for you. Schedule a free call at the link in my bio, or send me a message ?



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