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Pasta with seared squid and broccoli rabe sautéed and semi-braised in a garlicky…


Pasta with seared squid and broccoli rabe sautéed and semi-braised in a garlicky-anchovy olive oil sauce. If broccoli rabe is too bitter for you, feel free to sub it out with kale–but give it a try, the anchovies and lemon help to flavor and mellow it out!
Serves 2: Cook about ½ lb. of your favorite pasta in a large pot according to package directions. Drain, reserve about ½ cup of the cooking liquid, set pasta + water aside, and keep warm.
In the same saucepan or pot on low heat, warm up a generous amount of olive oil and about 6-10 fillets of salty tinned anchovies. They usually come in small tins, and I’d just use up the whole thing. Feel free to use as much/little as you’d like. As the oil warms up, tilt the pot and use a wooden spoon to gently break up and mash the anchovies into the oil until they’re completely disintegrated. Add in a crushed garlic or two and a few pinches of dried chili pepper flakes. Cook for another 30 sec – 1 min, then add in the broccoli rabe (chopped, from one large bunch), and a splash of the reserved pasta water. Turn up the heat to medium, give everything a stir, cover the pot and cook for about 3-5 min, check occasionally to see that the veg has wilted but still green.
Meanwhile in a super hot cast iron pan, sear ½ lb. squid (cut into bite-sized pieces) for no more than a couple minutes, in batches if you’d like. Remove from heat and add to the pot with the cooking broccoli rabe. Stir to combine, then add in the reserved cooked pasta. If things look too dry to you, add another splash of pasta water. You prob will not need additional salt because the anchovies will lend a lot of savoriness.
Divide squid + rabe + pasta between plates, squeeze lots of lemon juice over and drizzle on more olive oil if you prefer. Serve + eat right away ?



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