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Pan-seared salmon, dressed with an anchovy-garlic butter sauce and lots of lemon…


Pan-seared salmon, dressed with an anchovy-garlic butter sauce and lots of lemon. So quick, easy, and full of flavor. Paired with butter and garlic, the anchovies’ umami-ness really shines through without any of the fishy funk you might expect. Do yourself a favor and give this a try!
In a bowl, mash together 4-6 minced anchovy fillets, 2-3 crushed garlic and a generous pinch of kosher salt with ½ a stick of softened unsalted butter (about 4 Tbsp). Set aside.
Cut 1 lb. of salmon into ½ inch slices. You should have about 6 pieces. In a very hot cast iron pan on med-high, add some neutral oil and sear the salmon slices (in batches if necessary as you don’t want to crowd the pan), about 2-3 min on one side until golden, flip and cook for about 30 sec-1 min on the other side. Transfer salmon to warm serving plates and continue to keep warm.
Turn off the heat and in the same still-very-hot cast iron pan, add in the anchovy-butter mixture. It should sizzle, bubble and melt right away. (If not, turn the heat back on but to as low as possible as you don’t want to burn the garlic and butter) Carefully and slightly tilt the pan to one side and stir the ingredients to combine. When the butter is completely melted and the mixture is garlicky-fragrant, spoon the pan sauce all over the salmon. Squeeze as much lemon as you’d like over the fish to make the dish complete. I used about half a lemon per person. Top with minced parsley and slices of jarred Calabrian pepper for extra brightness.
Recipe inspired by @clarkbar’s Salmon with Anchovy-Garlic Butter recipe on @nytcooking, which also includes capers (but I didn’t have any on hand ??)



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