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Good morning lovelys! Once you start with pancakes, you can't …


Good morning lovelys! Once you start with pancakes you can't stop auf that's always so bad for me! Since I really haven't had it for a long time, it will be available again today? this time a little different from the last recipe.
You need: 50 g spelled flour, 20 g melted flakes from @koelln_deutschland, 20 g coconut flour, 5 g baking powder, 1 egg, approx. 100 g yoghurt, 100 ml milk, 1 tablespoon Xucker and cappuccino flavdrops @ got7nutrition. Mix all the ingredients and let them rest briefly. Then fry the pancakes in a pan. ,
I'm going to the Street Food Festival this afternoon and I'm going to munch ? I will of course take pictures for you ♥
Have a nice Sunday ♥



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