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Good morning lovelys. I am already in the spring mood. Regardless of whether…


Good morning you love❤️. I am already in the spring mood ?. It does not matter if the weather plays or not. Yesterday it was sunny all day, you could already smell the spring?.
?? Reminder ??
Tomorrow, the giveaway winner of our #goodmoodfoodparty will randomly draw on all entries this week
and the 3 most creative posts in our feed will be eauthenticated
On Sunday, the next announcement follows with all the information and the new great Giveaway for the following week???seit excited ❤️?. ,
Have a wonderful day ?.
Recipe of vanilla quark with pistachios and strawberries:
500g quark
6 tablespoons vegetable milk
Lemongrass @spice_bar
1 teaspoon ground vanilla
3 tablespoons of agave syrup
25g of chopped pistachios
fresh strawberries or other fruits ????.



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