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FEATURE TIME Hello dear! Did you see what was under our #goodmoodfo …


FEATURE TIME ? Hello you love ?! Did you see what's going on at our #goodmoodfoodfoodparty hashtag? ?
Thank you for participating in our party. ? We are overwhelmed by the number of these beautiful posts and had a hard time just selecting 3?. We love and appreciate every single contribution! ???. ,
It's time to present the 3 winners of the first round of our #goodmoodfoodparty ❤️
1. The super talented Dani @dani_fitlifestyle. brings wonderful unicorn parfaits ? We can not get enough of those gorgeous colors you brought to the party, Dani! ?

2. Aneta @sweetcoconutdiaries has made our days a lot better with these wonderful drinks ?Thank you for the pink parfaits Aneta! Hel 3. Helena by @thedeliciousplate ? Your breakfast dish is simply too beautiful to be eaten. ?? Thank you for so much love ❤️
, ? And congratulations @nutri_mum, you won the giveaway this week. Please register via DM @foodreich_shop with your delivery data! ???. ,
Our next great giveaway will be announced tomorrow at 20:00, so stay tuned! ? We can not wait for even better creations for a good mood! ?

We wish you a lot of fun?



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