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Good morning and a happy and healthy new year you have a happy new year …


Good morning and a happy and healthy new year ?? Are you off to a good start in the new year?
Today I'm going to show you our family recipe that my grandmother already had back then! It is a tradition for us to eat this chocolate almond pudding on Christmas Eve. Since we couldn't get enough of it, we decided to do it again on New Year's Eve! Now I finally managed to take a picture of it (it took a whole 3 years) since it is only available at Christmas ?.
A super simple and delicious dessert.

1 chocolate almond pudding with (pieces) only with this he tastes best!
Sweetener or other sweetness
1 pack of butter cookies

Cook and sweeten the pudding according to the package instructions. Spread the butter biscuits in a baking dish, then send a thin layer of pudding, the next layer again butter biscuits. Then chill for a few hours.

We always make 3 times the amount so it has gotten nice and high.

If you try something from me please do not write the recipe! ❤️ Have a nice day ?. #chocolate
#chocolate pudding
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