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Garlicky lamb sausage potstickers with a lemony-herby zhug yogurt dip. _________…

Garlicky lamb sausage potstickers with a lemony-herby zhug yogurt dip.
Mix 1lb. of raw ground lamb with 5-6 cloves of crushed garlic, ½ tsp of urfa or red chili pepper flakes, crushed toasted cumin seeds, coriander, minced parsley and cilantro leaves and tender stems, salt and pepper to taste. Wrap in a potsticker style of your choice. I chose a simple method here because the shape makes for easy dipping into the yogurt. To wrap: place some filling down the center of a circular dumpling wrapper. Fold one side over the other, sealing it with a little bit of water. Pan fry on one side until golden, 3-4 minutes, flip and cook until other side is golden as well.
Yogurt dip: stir some lemon juice into Greek or regular yogurt, swirl in a big spoonful of zhug (a flavorful herby Yemenite green hot sauce—I got mine prepared at Trader Joe’s, but you can easily make your own as well). Add salt and pepper to taste. Add in some more urfa chili for some extra smoky-spiciness. Stir in a bit of olive oil. Adjust seasoning, more or less zhug and lemon juice, to your liking. Dip with potstickers—these are super fun to eat these as finger foods.
Local friends, you can get high-quality ground lamb at @savenorscambridge!


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