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Advertising l good morning dear and I wish you a wonderful 4th Advent …


Advertisement l good morning dear ♥ and I wish you a wonderful 4th Advent! It's hard to believe that it's been Christmas for two days. Unfortunately we still have no snow. It will only come back next year as it looks. Today there is a great simple recipe for you, and I made these delicious apple rings a few days ago. Sooo delicious ?. Have a wonderful day ❤️. 500 g low-fat curd
3 eggs
40 g Erythrid @ got7nutrition
150 g spelled flour
2 peeled sliced ​​apples and the core removed in the middle
Cinnamon knife tip
2 tablespoons of mineral water
1 pinch of salt

That's how it's done:
First the dry ingredients (flour, erythride, salt, cinnamon). Then stir in the lean quark, stir in the eggs and finally stir in the mineral water only briefly. Please no longer stir vigorously
Dip the apple rings in the dough and fry on both sides.

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