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Advertising | Fluffy sausages with raspberries Who wants to share it with me? Today g …


Advertising | Fluffy waffles with raspberries ?

Who wants to share it with me?
There is not much to talk about today, Edwin is ill and I am really tired and I would rather go to bed today ??. At least I've decided ?. When do you always go to bed like that?

Have a nice evening ?. ? 75 g spelled flour
? 20 g coconut flour
? 90 ml of vegetable milk
? about 50 ml of mineral water
? 40 grams of apple pie
? 4 g baking powder
? 20 g almond mus
? Vanilla Flavordrops @ got7nutrition ? Mixes all the liquid ingredients and the dry extra. Mix everything and bake it in a waffle iron. Take it out carefully and let it cool.



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