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(Advertising) good morning dear! I hope you had a great weekend? yesterday there were small raw food muffins ?. Hadn't she really had the time to do it in her head for a long time? who knows? Today is the last day of our #summerberryparty and tomorrow the winners will be drawn! So if you feel like you can conjure something more berry ?
Have a good start to the new week ?.
My amount for the #summerblissparty
@danistrailcooking, @ vegan.niinja, @littlekalegirl and @ liesl.balance.
For the floor: 150 g oatmeal, 100 g dates, 100 g raisins (or other dried fruit), 50 g almonds.
For the middle layer: 200 g cashew nuts, 3 tablespoons rice syrup @reishunger, 1 vanilla bean, 3 tablespoons coconut oil, juice of half a lime.
Place the dates, raisins and chashew nuts in a bowl with water and soak overnight.
Then put the dates, raisins, almonds in a blender and mix. Spread the layer in a muffin tin, smooth out and place in the freezer. Mix the cashew nuts, rice syrup, vanilla, coconut oil and lime juice and add this layer to the muffin tin and smooth out.
For the top layer, I slowly melted white chocolate drops from @ xucker.de and mixed in a bit of food coloring. And then put it on top as the last layer and put it in the freezer. ,
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