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Hey dear Maybe some are wondering why..why why I use Magicf …


Hey dear ?
Maybe some are wondering why .. why I am doing Magicfitfood ?? ? so I'm going to do it on my own ? I would want to know ?
It all started with this (picture) ⬆ Banana Vanilla Shake⬆ @ foreverultra .. I have been able to get to know very very dear people in recent months who are moderately to severely overweight (#adipositas).
What is obesity?
It is an accumulation of adipose tissue in the body that goes beyond the normal level. The causes of obesity are many. In general, obesity is likely to occur if the energy intake exceeds the body's energy consumption in the long term.It is a chronic disease with a reduced quality of life and high risk of complications, but sufferers not only suffer from the physical consequences, but also from the indiscrimination in of the population ch I HATE it ❗ when you judge people by their appearance and when it’s just a whisper when you walk past. Nobody knows why and why .. whether due to illness or not. I think nobody deserves this. I supported the group with healthy recipes, they want to motivate them … because I know that EVERYONE can do it with enough support and motivation ❤ # healthy weight loss … They think it's great too ❤ Of course I do it also for me. Healthy eating does no harm ?. But that doesn't mean that I forego everything. I also eat unhealthy things … in moderation ?? sometimes ??? I have always enjoyed cooking and baking and I am all the more happy when I can make other people happy with it ❤ and every single one of you! ?How would my mom say now “will be finished soon” .. YES !! ? and no I'm not paid for it #healthyfood #fitness #foreverultra #protein #shakes #wheyproteinisolate #fitfam #cleaneating #adipositas #bodytransformation #instafood #adipositasfighter #loveeating #healthy #foreverultra #shake
❣↘Recipe is in the commis↙❣ (no more space here) ??



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