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Good morning you love I hope you are well? We were on Friday …


Advertising | Good morning you love ❤️ I hope you are well? We were at a wedding on Friday, so there was nothing to read from me. It was so nice ?. Today I'll show you my peanut butter mini cakes that you should definitely try ❤️
Have a nice Sunday ?. , , ,
?200 g of dates (variety Medjool)
?200 g peanuts
EL3 tablespoons peanut butter @ got7nutrition ?2 tablespoons protein powder
?50 g of fine oatmeal
EntDermine the dates, if necessary.
Put all ingredients in a blender and mix first at low, then at high level. The mass may remain lumpy.
Divide the mixture into muffin cases or dessert dishes and press firmly
, ,
?For the peanut butter layer: ?150 g peanut butter smooth @ got7nutrition
?3 tsp coconut oil
ErwHeat the coconut oil and stir in the peanut butter. Then fill the mass into the molds and freeze for 30 min.
Then melt the chocolate in a water bath and add 1 tbsp to it and freeze again. Best over night! Please defrost about 20 minutes before .. Otherwise it will be hard matter ??.
, ?A little tip: see if you can find Medjool dates.
These are often available from the Turkish greengrocer. They are bigger, fleshier and much softer than that
dried out of the bag.

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