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Good morning, thank you and thank you very much for your congratulations …


Good morning you love and thank you for the very many congratulations on my birthday ❤️??. I was so overwhelmed ?. I really did not expect it ??. Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my dearest ❤️. Unfortunately, my husband had to work until 6 pm, but we were still eating well in the evening.
I hope you also had a great weekend? ?

The recipe for this delicious strawberry cake with quark filling I have unfortunately not yet typed for you. I hope that I can do it today, if not … it will definitely follow?
I think you can always eat fruit cake and I think there is no one who does not like it, right? We also often have it with vanilla pudding filling ?. Do you like fillings with pies? Or do you like to eat it without it? Start well into the new week you love and take care of yourself ?❤️.



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