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Good morning sweeties!! Some of you must have noticed that yesterday …


Good morning sweeties!! Some of you have probably noticed that my protein spread @ got7nutrition came yesterday .. of course I had to try it right away ? !! It tastes great!
Totally delicious ? with us it rains from buckets .. just hope that the weather plays along next week, as we are making our new roof on the house .. So please always eat your plates empty leer (then it will be nice weather).
》 Low carb cup cake 《
30 g natural yogurt, 1.5%.
1 egg
20 g chocolate protein powder
5 g baked cocoa
1 tsp, baking powder
 n.B. Xucker @ xucker.de
First mix the plain yogurt and egg in a soup cup. Then add the protein powder, the baked cocoa and the baking powder and stir into a creamy, lump-free mass. Finally, with Xucker sweets as you like.
Place the cup on a plate (the cake could overflow) and bake in the microwave for about 3 minutes at 900 watts.
I topped it all with currants and protein spread @ got7nutrition !! ?
Get your day off to a good start.
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