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A little pause on recipe posts to say; The man I have loved for 6+ years turns 2…


A little pause on recipe posts to say; The man I have loved for 6+ years turns 25 today, HES ALSO THE DUDE WHO APPROVES ALL MY RECIPES BEFORE I RELEASE THEM TO U… (obv plays a very important roll) haha ✨! It feels like yesterday you were turning 19, and I was making you pancakes (illegally? ?) on the floor of my college dorm bedroom with a hot plate stove ?* I really tried to chef it up even back in my college days. Lol.
We fell in love when we were practically kids, teens entering “adulthood”, figuring out what makes us passionate & happy, each changed our minds on what career we wanted to chase after, had our differences & our low times… that’s life & relationships are work. (like why didn’t anyone ever tell us this?! ??). No but, it’s the truth and I’m not ashamed to say it 🙂
With this all said, I can’t express enough how beautiful it is to grow together. To challenge one another, to hold acceptance & not judgment, to push one another, to support each other, to encourage one another to do what makes them happy and to be independent strong individuals, to hold on to our individuality, to have forgiveness… & to have the upmost respect for one another.
@chancy.james thank you for always reminding me to genuinely love and appreciate even the smallest things in life. Your heart is so pure and I am so blessed you were born on this day. I Love you. •

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