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ᴡᴇʀʙᴜɴɢ We love our porridge hot and heartfelt and you will have a lot of fun now …


ᴡᴇʀʙᴜɴɢ We love our porridge warmly and you may now wonder what's so exciting about a simple oatmeal porridge. Unless of course you already belong to #teamporridge, then you know. Secret Porridge High Five ?
Seriously: Especially with the simplest recipes it depends so often on the correct preparation to between “I do not know why freaks because of the Pamp.” And “bombastic! I'll never eat anything else again. ” ,
I roasted the oatmeal for a short time in a hot pan. This gives the oatmeal a wonderful, nutty aroma and gives your porridge more flavor later. Much more!
Have a nice evening you love ♥. , ,
70 g oatmeal leaf
350 ml of water
150 ml almond milk
1 pinch of salt
Butter Biscuit Flavordrops @ got7nutrition
Strawberry powder @frooggies
Roast oats in a hot saucepan without oil for 5 minutes until fragrant. Stir now and then and take care that they do not burn.
Add water and milk and bring to a boil. Then switch to low to medium heat and simmer with constant stirring for 15 minutes and stir in 3 tablespoons of strawberry powder.
Just before the end of cooking, stir in the pinch of salt.
There was also a scoop of strawberry sorbet with freeze-dried pieces of pomegranate (vegan) @ 94icemen
With the code Magic10 you save 10% @ got7nutrition.
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