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I hope you are ready for the second round of our PARTY !!! Me and my Foodies Coco @coconutandcarrot & Marlena @pia_mia_clean_food continue our #goodmoodfoodparty, which is about having your meal in a good mood !!! ? Let's cheer up those cold days! ????❤
This week we will have another great GIVEAWAY for you for two winners to be sent INTERNATIONAL. We have chosen another great brand. ,
Next Saturday we will select our 3 favorite images and publish them in our accounts, the most creative entries of the week will be featured in our stories! ?
In addition, next Saturday we will announce the two winners randomly selected from all the people who attended the party.
Next Sunday we will announce the next big giveaway???.
So if you want to cheer up your cold days with good food and enjoy creating with colorful and cozy food ? then you should join our party this week by following these steps:.
1. Create a colorful moody (at best, plant-based) ? “good mood food” – sweet or savory – and show us your interpretation of goodmoodfood. ,
2.Follow us: @pia_mia_clean_food, @ magic.fit.food and @coconutandcarrot ?
3. Use our hashtag #goodmoodfoodparty and mark us all in the caption and in the photo so we can find you!
4. Only new posts. ,
5.Follow @theprimalpantryde –
Our second big giveaway is sponsored by @theprimalpantryde,, which will actually have TWO winners.
Swipe to the right to see what a great gift we have prepared for you. These are 2 large boxes of different fruity nut bars from @theprimalpantryde. ,
We look forward to the party with you and are looking forward to your great colorful contributions! ❤️???? ?????



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