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Weight Loss vs. Weight Gain with Chicken Souvlaki and Roasted Vegetables


Weight Loss vs. Weight Gain with Chicken Souvlaki and Roasted Vegetables

This dish is a great one to make for those of you who are looking to lose weight because it’s pretty high volume, has lots of flavor, and is low in calories. I like to cook these on a skewer because it makes it easier to turn all of the meat in unison and keep an even cook time for every piece. You can obviously cook them without the skewer but this is another case of grill marks being for cool people. If you’re not into cutting up the meat and skewering it, just cooking the meat in one big piece will work. The marinade may not penetrate the meat as much if you do this though. Using chicken thighs would lead to a better finished product as well but it will be higher in calories. The sauce included is a Tzatziki sauce made from Greek yogurt and cucumber. I use it to help flavor the vegetables and give some moisture to the chicken. ⁣

610 calories probably isn’t a whole lot for people trying to gain weight so it may be necessary to add some more rice. Remember that calories matter most and as long as you are eating enough throughout the rest of your day you can still meet your goals. I used full fat yogurt in the sauce which adds flavor and slightly bumps the calorie load. The obvious additions are the rice and additional chicken skewer. Chicken thighs or some kind of steak could replace the breasts for a higher calorie version as well. .⁣

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