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Tuscan Egg Bake

Tuscan Egg Bake from Page 100 of The Meal Prep Manual-60 Minute Meals. This is m…

Tuscan Egg Bake. This is my favorite breakfast recipe from the 3rd book. It’s super easy and quick to make. .
My favorite part of this meal is that it’s a great way to get a serving of vegetables into your breakfast. The last thing I want to do is start my day with a disgusting serving of vegetables but the sausage included in this egg bake has a strong enough flavor to block out much of the vegetable taste. I’ve always struggled with getting vegetables into my breakfast and it’s something I’ve been trying to get better at. When I’m not feeling lazy I’ll try and make one of my vegetable shakes just because it’s much easier to get a larger serving of vegetables in. .
Prepping breakfast is such an easy way to save some time for yourself in the morning. By not having to cook anything I can sleep in at least an extra 20 minutes. I’ve never been a huge breakfast person but I’m currently trying to put on some muscle and getting a dose of protein in the morning is important to stimulate muscle protein synthesis after an 8 hour fast. .

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