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To my friends in Metro Manila, if anyone sees a yellow cockatiel, please let me …


To my friends in Metro Manila, if anyone sees a yellow cockatiel, please let me know. 🙁 Taco is missing as much as I hate myself for not being careful enough, I know there’s nothing I can do to reverse what’s been done.
She responds to the name Taco, loves anything crunchy, and gets super excited from the sound of a bag of potato chips. She also doesn’t bite, loves being pet on the head, and landing on people’s heads.
My mom and I were going to take her to the vet earlier today. We were already right outside the vet along P. Guevarra Street in San Juan City when she managed to escape the bin she was in. My mistake was not bringing her whole cage, which was more secure. We checked around the area and kept calling her in hopes to hear her chirp, with no luck. She might’ve flown far because cockatiels are really good fliers.
There’s still that little piece of hope I’m holding on to that she’ll come back but I know I also have to accept that she might not. What I am hoping for is that she’s safe and in good hands. I hope a family out there will love her and care for her well.
I just also realized how hard it is to lose a pet—I’ve dealt with the loss of pets before who have passed away—but a pet that goes missing leaves you with a lot of lingering thoughts because you don’t have that closure of knowing whether he/she is okay. It’s been a tough 24 hours with so much not-so-good things happening but I’m gonna try to remain positive because I know everything happens for a reason even if we may never know what that reason is.
P.S. we also only recently found out she’s a girl because she started laying eggs (though they’re not though). Anyway, I just really hope you’re okay, Taco. Really going to miss you. ☹️



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