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Tempeh (or tofu) cubes in peanut miso sauce with millet brown rice ramen, enoki…


?Tempeh (or tofu) cubes in peanut miso sauce with @lotusfoods millet brown rice ramen, enoki mushrooms and shishito peppers? (This is tempeh in the photo but works with tofu also.) ?Can’t really believe it’s Monday again. We need to start rallying for 3-day weekends ASAP. (Maybe even 4-day weekends?!) There’s a serious imbalance going on here between work and play! Happy Monday ?.
?Recipe: (If using tofu, wrap in paper towels and press with something heavy to remove excess liquid.) (With tempeh, it has less of that strong taste if you boil the tempeh block straight out of the packet for few minutes before using.) Cut 1-8oz packet tempeh (or 1-14oz packet extra-firm tofu) into approximately 1-inch cubes. Whisk sauce: 4 tbsp tamari, 2 tbsp rice wine vinegar, 4 tsp mellow miso, 4 tsp maple syrup (or to taste), 2 tbsp creamy peanut butter, 2 tsp sriracha (optional), 2 tsp water. Coat tempeh (or tofu) cubes in sauce, keeping any remaining sauce in bowl. Let tempeh (or tofu) marinate in sauce about 15 minutes before cooking. Cook tempeh (or tofu) either in oven on lined baking sheet at 400F, or in sauté pan, until starts turning brown and crispy on the outside. (If using sauté pan, either add a little toasted sesame oil/neutral oil to pan, or I use a ceramic non-stick pan for oil-free.) Toss the cooked tempeh (or tofu) in remaining sauce and serve.
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