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SWEET & SPICY (OIL FREE) SEARED SALMON and CHINESE 5-SPICE CAULIFLOWER GNOCCHI (new methods!) I am ALL about healthy oil, BUT I have had some requests for oil-free. Well, this salmon was moist and DELICIOUS and seared perfectly. Also, I have recently discovered the perfect method to cooking these TJs gnocchi. Hesitant as I type (cuz I don’t always love microwaves) BUT of all the methods I’ve tried, this has proven the best. Microwave the gnocchi for just 30 seconds before cooking and it will NOT stick to the pan and you don’t need much oil at all. It dries the outside just enough. Paired this lunch with some of my favorite @lef_farms spicy greens, local to New England and always super fresh! They have become a favorite in my house, even with the kids who are very picky. Happy Thursday loves. Any big plans this weekend? I plan on grilling on my new grill, because it’s going to be beautiful out. •

Deets: Thaw salmon, pat dry and season with salt/pepper, paprika and some coconut aminos. Heat non-stick pan over medium high (May need to just spray a tiny bit of oil spray if it isn’t non-stick) and sear for 2 minutes with skin side up. Flip and bake on 400 for about 4 minutes. Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi: microwave the gnocchi for 30 seconds on a plate, then heat a small amount of oil in the pan and sauté for a few minutes until crispy then season with salt and pepper and Chinese 5-spice. Served with @lef_farms greens, avocado, hemp and tahini and some tomatoes. •

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