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Stuffed mini sweet peppers . Happy Saturday, my Insta friends. Hope you are havi…


Stuffed mini sweet peppers?
Happy Saturday, my Insta friends?. Hope you are having a wonderful start to your weekend. I’m sharing a simple stuffed peppers dish filled with just tofu and carrots. Inspired by a dish called ‘Hakka Yong tofu’ back at home where fish paste is used as filling.
~ 1 pack of mini sweet peppers, about 12oz, washed and halved
~ 1/2 package of firm tofu, drained
~ 2 cloves of garlic, minced
~ 1 carrot, shredded
~ 1/2 tsp salt
~ white pepper to taste
~ corn starch or tapioca starch for dusting
~ oil for pan frying (used ? oil)
First blend the tofu in a food processor to get a smooth texture. Scrambling it with a fork will make it crumbly, so be sure to use a processor instead. In a heated pan with 1 tsp oil, sauté garlic and carrot until soft, add to tofu mixture and mix until well combined.
Set up your stuffing station: peppers, tapioca starch and tofu mixture. Rub a little tapioca starch on the inside of pepper and stuff tofu mixture. Repeat until you finish with all the peppers. Pan fry peppers – tofu side down in oil until lightly brown. Serve immediately.
What do you think? Easy peasy ?? Let me know ?? and hope this will become your next favorite stuffed peppers dish. Have a fantastic ?Saturday, everyone! .
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