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Spicy pad prik king with tofu – anyone? . Sharing a messy flavorful plate on Fr…

Spicy pad prik king with tofu – anyone?
Sharing a messy flavorful plate on
Fri-Yay, my Insta friends!😉
If you ever dine at a Thai restaurant, this dish is usually on the entrée section. Unlike their normal thick curry counterpart, pad prik king is drier.😋 Let’s get started!
~ 1lb string beans, washed and trimmed
~ 3 firm tofu cubes, cut into 1/2 inch strip (got my tofu cubes from a local tofu store, it comes in 8, I just used 3)
~ kaffir lime leaves or Curry leaves (best to use kaffir lime🍃)
~ 1 tsp grated ginger
Paste – mix below and set aside
~ 2 tbsp red curry paste
~ 3 tbsp coconut milk or unsweetened plant based milk
~ 2 tsp soy sauce
~ 1 tbsp vegan fish sauce (optional, sub with a bit of maple syrup or sugar)
In a heated pan with no oil, dry string beans until they start to brown. Then, add 3 tsp 🥑 oil, and continue to stir fry beans, push aside, pan fry tofu until golden brown and add ginger. Add paste mixture and stir until combined. Turn to low heat and let simmer. Add water or more milk if needed. If you add more milk, you’ll get a lighter red dish. Season with salt and taste test. String beans should remain crunchy but not raw. Once done, add kaffir lime or curry leaves. Serve warm with your favorite carb! Yum yum!! .
Hope this🌶️dish will warm you up! Have a lovely 🌱Fri-Yay!
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