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Spicy Mapo Tofu ‘麻婆豆腐’ a classic Sichuan dish with heat that is sure to warm you…


Spicy Mapo Tofu ‘麻婆豆腐’ a classic Sichuan dish with heat that is sure to warm you up?. Sichuan peppercorns are optional but adding them will give you the numbing ‘麻’ effect, which is one of the dish’s unique characteristics. Happy cooking & have a great Monday, friends?.⁣

Recipe (yields 2-3 servings)⁣
~ 2 packs 12oz extra soft/silken tofu, cubed or simply cut them with your spatula when cooking⁣
~ 1/2 cup frozen peas & carrots⁣
~ 3 dried chilies, soaked in hot water⁣
~ 4 slices of ginger, chopped⁣
~ 3 cloves garlic, sliced⁣
~ 2 teaspoons chili oil with sediment (check recipe on highlights)⁣
~ 1/4 teaspoons Sichuan peppercorns (optional, more for extra numbness)⁣
~ chopped scallions⁣
~ oil, cornstarch slurry⁣
~ cooked grain⁣?

~ 1 tablespoon hot bean sauce/spicy fermented bean sauce (start with 1 teaspoon if you prefer)⁣
~ 2 teaspoons soy sauce/tamari (adjust based on the saltiness of the hot bean sauce)⁣
~ 1 teaspoon organic sugar⁣
~ 3/4 cup hot water⁣
~ salt if needed⁣

✅In a heated non-stick pan with 3 teaspoons oil, sauté ginger until they turn light brown, then sauté garlic until fragrant. Add in peas, carrots, peppercorns, dried chili & sauce, let simmer for 2 minutes.⁣
✅Slowly pour in tofu & chili oil, cook for another 3 minutes or until tofu is coated well with sauce. Season with more soy sauce if needed.
✅Stir in cornstarch slurry & serve warm with your favorite grain & chopped scallions.?
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