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Sesame Crusted Tofu Steaks (Air Fryer/or Pan fry options) that’s right sesame se…


Sesame Crusted Tofu Steaks ???(Air Fryer/or Pan fry options) that’s right sesame seeds make a delicious & oh so crispy & healthy crust. I’m continuing to use the freeze/thaw method with my tofu & also prepared this batch in the air fryer ?? #ilovemyairfryer ?Sesame Tofu inspired by @anna.pelzer Baby bok choy inspo from Woonie @woon.heng & Nisha @cookingforpeanuts ‘cause these ladies totally got me craving these gorgeous greens ? Recipe Below: ⬇️⬇️⬇️
What you need: 1 block of extra firm tofu, 2 tbl tamari 2 tbl toasted sesame oil, 2 tbl rice vinegar, 2tbl maple syrup, 2 tbl water, 1 clove minced garlic, 1/2in knob grated ginger, 1/4 tsp sriracha (add more or omit), 1/2 cup rice flour, 1/2 cup sesame seeds, 1 tbl neutral oil
What you do:
1️⃣ Slice tofu block in half, take each half & slice in 4 slabs, wrap, place in freezer safe container, freeze overnight.
2️⃣ The tofu will be yellow. No worries. Thaw to room temp, then press each slab with a kitchen towel to get out water
3️⃣ To make the sauce mix tamari, oil, vinegar, maple syrup, water, garlic, ginger, & sriracha in a small bowl. I like to mix mine in a small jar with a lid, so I can just shake to mix
5️⃣ Marinate tofu with 1/2 the sauce for at least 30 min
6️⃣ Set of two large plates one with rice flour spread out thinly & the other with sesame seeds. Take marinated tofu, dredge with flour, shaking off excess, then press tofu into sesame seeds, covering both sides and edges.
Repeat. Place on tray or cooling rack
7️⃣ Mist/brush tofu with oil. Set air fryer to 400 F for 12 min flipping steaks half way. I cooked my tofu in 2 batches.If no air fryer, cook your tofu steaks on stovetop using 1 tlbs oil on medium/high 10-12 min till golden
8️⃣ To make the sauce for serving, on stovetop, use the remaining sauce and cook on high & stir 5-7 min till thickened. I served my tofu with blanched baby bok choy & steamed rice.Enjoy!! Have a wonderful Saturday. Going to the beach ?



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