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Potato dumplings – recipe The recipe for the potato dumplings …


Potato dumplings – recipe ?
My mom learned the recipe for the potato dumplings from her mom.
Whatever you needed for the dumplings was always at home: home-grown potatoes, apples from the garden, eggs from your own chickens. Pastries were therefore often on the menu. They were “cheap food,” as my mom says.

For the Maultaschen you need:
1 kg pressed potatoes
1 whole egg
1 egg yolk
250g flour + additional flour for the dough
6 medium sized apples
cinnamon and sugar
1½ – 2 tsp salt

Cook, peel and press the potatoes through a press while they are still warm. It is best to put it on a clean surface on which you can then knead the dough. While the pressed potatoes cool down overnight, peel the apples, quarter them, core them and cut them into slices, pour a little lemon juice over the apples and add sugar and cinnamon.
Pile the cold potatoes into a hill and press a hollow in the middle. The eggs and flour, a teaspoon of salt and grated nutmeg come in there. Then the dough has to be kneaded. The flour should be ready to hand, because depending on the consistency of the potatoes and the size of the eggs, flour must be added.
When the dough is well mixed and a smooth dough is formed, form an elongated roll and cut 2 cm pieces then roll out, but not too thin. Now cut the apples into the middle of the dough stains. Then roll it up carefully, a dough scraper can help. Place the finished dumplings in the greased Reindl.
Before going into the oven, the dumplings are smeared with melted butter and in the oven at 200 ° C for about an hour.

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