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Peanut Caramel Cups à la Snickers??
Good morning dear. Who likes to eat snickers? I have a healthy alternative for you that tastes almost original! My first try a few days ago went wrong! Here is my second attempt for you. They are vegan and the caramel-like mass consists of dates.
have a great day ☺
For the nougat mass:
140 g almond flour 80 ml coconut milk, 4 tbsp maple syrup.
For the caramel mass:
150 g pitted Medjool dates @reishunger, 1 pinch of salt,
2 tsp coconut oil slightly warmed.
 1 tsp vanilla extract and
200 ml almond milk.
400 grams of dark chocolate with the highest possible cocoa content, 50 g coconut oil.
80 g unsalted peanuts.
Put all the ingredients for the nougat mass in a kitchen mixer and mix until a fine mass is formed. Please add the coconut milk lansgam, it should not be too wet. Then put the mass in a silicone muffin mold and freeze it.
For the caramel mass, all ingredients are added to the mixer. Please be careful with almond milk, the mass is ready when it is creamy (not too firm and not too moist). It should be so soft that it can be spread easily without running away, and the nougat mass can now be removed from the freezer and coated with the caramel mass.
Last but not least, briefly roast the peanuts without oil in a pan on the caramel mixture and pour the melted chocolate over them and place them in the freezer overnight.

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