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Pasta with (leftover) roasted honeynut squash, shallots, pancetta and crispy sag…


Pasta with (leftover) roasted honeynut squash, shallots, pancetta and crispy sage. ? Many elements of autumn cooking in one dish.
Using leftover roasted squash would make this dish come together in less time. Otherwise, either toss cubed honeynut squash with oil and roast at 400º for 20+ min until slightly golden brown or sauté in a cast iron pan with olive oil/butter for about 15 min. Set aside.
In a cast iron pan on medium/low heat, cook pancetta (diced from two ½-inch slices) until a lot of fat has rendered out and the pancetta is starting to become golden/crispy. Toss in a sliced small shallot, stir until softened. Remove from pan and set aside. Add in a bit of olive oil and mix with the pancetta fat. Add in a handful of fresh sage and cook until crispy, about 2-3 minutes. Remove sage from pan as well and set aside. In the remaining fat/oil mixture, add in the cooked squash and warm through.
Meanwhile, cook pasta of choice according to package directions. When done, drain well and add to the cast iron pan with the squash. Gently toss to combine pasta with the squash and pancetta fat/olive oil. Add a splash of pasta cooking water or broth or more olive oil if desired or if things are looking a little dry. Toss and add the reserved crispy pancetta, sage and shallots to the pasta. Combine well and transfer to plate. Serve with grated parmesan, a generous squeeze of lemon, Aleppo pepper, salt + black pepper to taste.
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