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Orata (sea bream) fillet, marinated and broiled in a sweet + rich miso glaze, se…

Orata (sea bream) fillet, marinated and broiled in a sweet + rich miso glaze, served alongside a purple daikon-scallion salad as a refreshing accompaniment to the deliciously intense umaminess of the glazed fish.
Fish + miso glaze marinade: Use 2 orata fillets (or branzino, wall-eye or any fish of your choice), should be less than one-inch thick. Mash together 2 Tbsp white miso with 2 tsp Kewpie mayo, 1 tsp sake or shaoxing cooking wine, 1 tsp mirin and ½ tsp sugar. Spread over both fillets and let marinade for about 20 min. Prepare the daikon salad while the fish is marinating.
Salad: Thinly slice a scallion and a couple small purple (or white) daikon, place in a bowl and add 1-2 tsp rice vinegar and a glug of toasted sesame oil. Toss to combine and set aside while the fish cooks.
Broiling: Scrape off excess marinade from fish before cooking. In the oven, broil the fish skin-side down on low setting, about 4 inches from the heat source (It’ll be pretty close, so use the low broiling setting if available. If you only have one setting, move the fish further away from the heat, about 6-inches or so). Cook on low for about 6 minutes (or a little more), check on things at 3 min, until golden and charred in spots, and the fish is tender + flaky.
Transfer fish to plates, toss the daikon again and serve alongside the fish, top everything with toasted sesame seeds. Serve with hot white rice if you prefer!
Miso-glazed fish recipe is adapted from the ‘Sake Misozuke’ recipe in The Gaijin Cookbook @gaijincookbook by Ivan Orkin @ramenjunkie and Chris Ying @chrisyingz. Salmon fillet is used in that recipe; cooking time and methods may differ.
Thank you @hmhbooks, @hmhcooks and @dartfroggco for sending over this cookbook!


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