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One-pot pasta with maple smoked ham, peas, in a mascarpone cheese “sauce,” toppe…


One-pot pasta with maple smoked ham, peas, in a mascarpone cheese “sauce,” topped with gruyere, scallions, sea salt, chili pepper flakes.
In a medium-large pot, bring enough water to a boil. Cook ½ lb. of pasta of your choice according to package directions. With about 5 minutes left of the al dente cooking time, add about a cup of thawed-from-frozen or fresh shelled peas. Bring water back to boil and cook the pasta and peas together for the remaining time. Drain, reserve and set aside about a cup of pasta water. Return pasta and peas back to the pot, reduce heat to very low and add about ½ cup of mascarpone cheese (Italian cream cheese). Cover for about a minute, then give everything a stir. The mascarpone should be melting and coating the pasta in a sort-of sauce. If things look a bit dry, add some pasta water (and/or more mascarpone) and stir to combine. Before serving, add in your choice of cooked ham (sliced or cubed), stir and warm through. Transfer to serving plate/bowl, top with sliced scallions, grated gruyere, sea salt, chili pepper flakes, and more mascarpone if you’d like. Enjoy!



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