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Let’s talk about BALANCE I see this concept floating around a lot on social med…


Let’s talk about BALANCE ✨ I see this concept floating around a lot on social media, and I always picture this- pizza and salad ? I know a lot of people have recently spoken out about cringing at the thought of balance, but I actually still really like the term ?‍♀️.
When talking about balance with my nutrition counseling clients and reflecting on it in my own life and eating patterns, I’m not focusing on meal to meal. Sometimes, I’m not even focusing on day to day. Balance, to me, covers a much broader basis. It means choosing what you want to eat in that moment, with full knowledge that it may fall anywhere on the spectrum from nutritious to not-so-nutritious foods, and trusting that you’ll be making the opposite choice sometime soon. It means incorporating gentle nutrition into your eating, considering both what you want physically, emotionally and mentally, and what’s going to fuel your body and make you feel energized and satisfied. Every meal, day, or even week is going to be balanced, but that’s okay! ✨.
Do you struggle with balance in your eating pattern? If so, let’s talk ? Send me a message or click the link in my bio to book a FREE 15-minute discovery call with me to see how I can help you bring some more balance into your eating pattern ✨



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