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How to get in more GREENS In today’s YouTube video I did a Q+A answering some o…

How to get in more GREENS  In today’s YouTube video I did a Q+A answering some o…


How to get in more GREENS ✨ In today’s YouTube video I did a Q+A answering some of your most common nutrition questions, like how to reduce bloating, my thoughts on fake meat alternatives, starting a plant-based diet, and how to get in more greens! ? I was so happy to answer this because I get this question all the time with my one-on-one nutrition clients! I go into way more detail in the video (link in bio!) but here’s a few tips:
? Think of adding them in, not taking something else away. You don’t need to completely swap your meal for a salad to get in those greens. Instead, try adding a handful to meals you’re already making, like stir fries, noodle bowls, pastas, and soups!
?Find a green you like. If you hate kale, don’t force yourself to eat it. Find greens that you LOVE to eat- you’ll enjoy them more, and you’re more likely to eat more of them, which means even more nutrients!
? Try new ways of cooking greens. Honestly, I hate wilted spinach. The flavor is so strong to me and the texture reaaaaally doesn’t do it for me. Instead, I prefer fresh spinach, or spinach in smoothies! Play around with how you eat greens (roasting, steaming, sauté, raw), and if you really can’t find a way, refer to the previous tip.
?Know that greens aren’t the be all and end all. Yes, I think we should all eat more greens. But we still have to consider the other veggies, too! Different colored veggies have different nutrients, so make sure you’re eating the rainbow!
For more tips, check out my latest YouTube video (link in bio, or YouTube Tasting to Thrive). If you’re struggling with eating more veggies, let’s chat. Click the link in my bio or send me a message to book a FREE 15-min phone consultation with me to see how I can help you get more veggies and nutrients into your diet ✨



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