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Whenever I’m not sure what to eat, I throw together a bunch of whole foods and the result never disappoints (or, more often than not, I go and buy myself a vegan pizza because sometimes that’s the only thing I want after a long day at the library lol). In all seriousness though, as long as it’s all vegan, I don’t like to restrict myself to a particular category of food – I eat whatever I want without questioning whether it’s healthy/unhealthy, looking over what I’ve eaten in the preceding days, whether I’ve done enough exercise to justify eating something, etc. Food is still undoubtedly a big part of my life, but not in the negative, all-consuming way that it used to be! Anyway, this bowl features brown rice pasta, butter beans cooked in curry powder, paprika and tamari (a strange combo but soo good), avocado, tomato, spinach, edamame and a few bluebs I threw in because I love sweet/savoury combos. Compulsory tahini drizzle added post-photo! Hope you’re all having a fantastic Thursday ?
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