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Guad Moang Today there is something healthy, chocolatey they are very quick to …


Guad Moang ❤️ Today there is something healthy, chocolatey? they are prepared very quickly and taste totally delicious ? I find muffins super practical .. but to everyone who prefers cakes .. You can also bake a small cake from this amount!

Recipe for 5 muffins
100g applesauce
50g low-fat curd
60g ground oatmeal
30g chocolate protein
10g cocoa
5g baking powder
4 tbsp erythritol

Mix everything well with a spoon and fill in muffin cases. Please don't make it too full, otherwise the dough will go over. Then bake at 165 ° for approx. 20 minutes (stick test)

For the topping, I mixed skimmed curd with flavor powder vanilla and water.

How do you find such recipes?
Let me know in the comments ? ❤️. Have a nice day ?. #muffin #muffins #schokomuffins



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