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Future lemons cake with poppy seedsHello my dears . Today I felt like …


?Fast lemons cake with poppy seeds

Hello you love ☺️.
Today I felt like a fresh, lemony cake with poppy seeds … but it had to be a very quick recipe, because I did not want to stand in the kitchen for long ? I just say: You have to bake it, it's really awesome Well. So fluffy, so juicy and sooooooo delicious. I plastered three pieces at once and the rest of the family was blown away. So, get to the bowls and then I wish you a lot of fun baking! ??
, , , ?4 organic lemons
?220 ml soy milk
?100 ml agave syrup
?1 Pk. vanilla sugar
?1 Pk. baking powder
?400 g flour or spelled flour ?100 ml vegetable oil
?Prise salt
?3 tablespoons of poppy
Heiß Wash the lemons hot and then rub the peel finely so that the white peel does not come along. Squeeze the lemons and mix the juice with the soymilk and leave for a few minutes. As a result, the soy milk clots, but what should be so.
In a bowl mix flour with baking powder, vanilla sugar, lemon zest and a pinch of salt.
Add agave syrup and oil to the soy milk and pour the liquid ingredients into the flour while stirring. As long as stirring, until a uniform dough is formed, which falls heavily torn from the spoon. Should it be too liquid, add a little more flour, it is too dry, stir in a little more soymilk. Finally, stir in the poppy seeds and pour the dough into the greased dish.
Bake at 180 ° for about 50-60 min.
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