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Evening you love Today there was delicious Kaiserschmarrn .. who still likes this …


Evening you love ?
Today there was delicious Kaiserschmarrn .. who still likes these delicacies? BrauchYou need:
3 eggs.
20 g coconut flour.
25 g Forever Ultra Vanilla
15-25 g Xucker light (depending on your taste)
1 tbsp psyllium husk
100 ml milk
Dried berries
A pinch of salt
some coconut oil or butter to fry
some powdered sugar for dusting.

Whisk the egg yolks with the coconut flour, whey powder, psyllium husks and a pinch of salt as well as the xucker. Keep in mind that the whey is already sweet, so you don't need as much extra sweetness anymore. Depending on your taste, you can adjust the amount of Xucker. Then stir in a sip of milk.
Beat egg whites
Beat the egg whites until stiff. Then fold in under the remaining egg mass. Do not stir too much so that it does not collapse and remains fluffy.
Warm up coconut oil
Heat a little coconut oil with a little Xucker in a coated pan until everything has melted.
Add the dough
Put the dough in the pan and pour over the berries over a low to medium heat.
As soon as the mass has been stocked well enough and is thus somewhat firmer, you can halve it or quarter it and turn it over. Let it stall on the other side too. After a few minutes, cut it into coarse pieces. ,
 I'm still attending the Challence # fruity spring breakfast from @ marikes.healthy.recipes
& @alic wonder tool part.
The two ladies are wonderful dolls in cooperation with @pfefferbraut, @wunderbluetenschoen
and @ oatsome.de

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