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Evening you cream cakes I hope you had a nice day? Not today …


Evening you cream cakes ? I hope you had a nice day? ?
Today a not so healthy cake !! But, every now and then you should treat yourself to something, right?
# leckerindenfrühling by @dani_fitlifestyle and @fit_alexis in cooperation with @vitanatura_plus
For the dough:
| 3 eggs | 100 g Xucker |
1 pinch of salt | Flavordrops Cappuccino @ got7nutrition |
| 80 ml of oil |
| 100 ml Fanta (or carbonated water)
| 100g flour | 100g starch |
| 1½ tsp baking powder |
Can of peaches (470 g drained weight)
| 200g cream | 2 tsp Sanapart |
| 400g sour cream | vanilla extract | 100g powdered sugar | 4 tsp San Apart |
To sprinkle:

Mix the eggs, sugar, salt and flavor drops until creamy for 4-5 minutes. Add oil + Fanta and stir in briefly with a whisk. Mix flour, starch and baking powder and sieve and fold in. Place the dough in a baking frame and bake at 175 ° C for approx. 30 minutes. Then let it cool completely.
Cut peaches into cubes.
Whip the cream and San Apart until stiff and chill. Mix the sour cream, vanilla, powdered sugar and San Apart briefly. Fold in the cream.
Place a cake ring around the baking frame and spread peach pieces over the dough. Cover with the cream. Keep the cake covered and refrigerated for at least 3 hours or overnight. Then serve sprinkled with cinnamon.
#gutelauneleckereien @alicewunderszauberzeug and @jessi_ka_fit in cooperation with @ got7nutrition.

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