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English Muffin Pizzas Who would like to join me? Topped with pizza sauce, Pesto…


English Muffin Pizzas ??????
Who would like to join me? ?Topped with pizza sauce, Pesto, shrooms, slow roasted tomatoes, vegan mozzarella, waffled avocado, roasted corn, olives, fresh basil, & crushed red pepper.•
How I did it: Set oven to broil and place rack 2nd from the top , first toast English muffins in toaster, then add 3 tsp of pizza sauce , add your cheese, place on parchment paper and broil on high for 4-5min. I added all my topping after they came out of the oven. The mushrooms, tomatoes, and corn were all pre roasted cause no one want a soggy pizza. Enjoy and Happy Friday??? * inspired by my friend Andy @vegan.dy If you don’t know him already, prepare to be wowed!!!??



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