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COCONUT CURRY SOUP Dreaming of this soup as I’m on a road trip to the states wi…


COCONUT CURRY SOUP ✨ Dreaming of this soup as I’m on a road trip to the states with my family! It’s been a crazy busy past few days, and I’ve been thinking a lot about our eating patterns and limiting beliefs we might have around food. Going out to eat, grabbing whatever we can on the road, and relying more on packaged foods might be a source of anxiety for some people because of lack of control around eating patterns- throw in a dietary choice like a vegan diet and it can seem near impossible. But I’m here to tell you that it’s not! ??.
Of course I’m a huge advocate of being prepared with whatever delicious snacks you like (I’m a huge fan of fruit, nuts, seeds, hummus + crackers), but I also am an advocate of embracing whatever situation we’re in. If that means relying on takeout options more often, then great! And I will NEVER tell someone to miss out on an opportunity like spending time with family and friends by skipping out on a delicious meal out. The reality is that these moments in life are creating memories that will last so much longer than the impact of any less-than-ideal food options, so I fully embrace it, make nutritious choices when possible (and most importantly, when I feel like it), and fully enjoy the rest ✨.
If you struggle with an “all or nothing” mindset around food, feel free to reach out to me to schedule a 15 minute discovery phone call ?



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