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Clams and cockles with pancetta-shallot-wine sauce. __________________ In a lar…


Clams and cockles with pancetta-shallot-wine sauce.
In a large cast iron or saucepan, cook chopped pancetta on low heat until some of the fat has rendered out. If the pan looks a little dry, add in some olive oil. When things are sizzling, add in a minced shallot and cook for a couple minutes. Increase heat to medium-high, add in ½ cup of white wine and about a dozen scrubbed little neck clams and cockles. Cover pan and let the shellfish steam for a bit. Shake pan occasionally and check after about 4 minutes–keep cooking until all clams/cockles are open. Discard those that don’t. The cockles will probably finish cooking first so you can take them out and place in the serving bowl once they’ve opened so you don’t overcook them.
Pour pan sauce over clams in the serving bowl. Serve with pasta (or crusty bread) and top with parsley, lemon, lemon zest, and chili pepper flakes. The shellfish and pancetta should be well-seasoned enough on its own without any additional salt.



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