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Chinese broccoli “Gai Lan or 芥兰” with brown sauce . Happy Sunday, my Insta frien…


Chinese broccoli “Gai Lan or 芥兰” with brown sauce?
Happy Sunday, my Insta friends ?. Hope everyone is doing well. Today, I am sharing one of the many ways on how we prepare some greens at home – blanching.
Stir fry, steam, blanch are few ways to prepare our veggies other than eating raw salad. I made a thick sauce to go with it as well. Then, pair it with any grain and always serve warm. This method works well for bokchoy, yuchoy or even asparagus. .
~ 1lbs of baby Chinese broccoli
~ 7-8 caps of dried Chinese mushrooms
~ 1 tablespoon ginger, sliced
~ 2 cloves garlic, sliced
~ 1 small carrot, sliced
~ 1 Thai chili, chopped
~ cornstarch mixture (1 teaspoon cornstarch + 1 tablespoon water, stir until well combined, if it’s too thick, add more water)
~ water
~ oil
~ 1 tablespoon stir fry sauce
~ 1/4 cup water
In a pot with 6-8 cups of water, add some oil to the water and turn on heat. When water comes to boil, blanch veggies. Drain water as soon as veggies start to turn darker green. * Place veggies on a plate.
In a heated with 2 teaspoons oil, saute garlic and ginger until soft, add carrots and mushrooms, stir continuously until mushrooms start to brown. Add sauce, chili and let simmer for 1 minute. Stir in cornstarch mixture and turn off heat. Spoon sauce over veggies and serve warm.
I did not forget the one serving fried rice for those who asked me last time – will be posting soon on my stories? Thank you for your patience.
Have a great ?Sunday, everyone.
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