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Chicken and Steak Burrito Bowls


I’m often asked what my favorite meal from my books is and I always come back to this one. If I didn’t have to create new recipes every week I would probably make Burrito Bowls 3 times a month. I never get sick of them and they taste great. ⁣

❓How do you keep the guacamole from browning?⁣
❗️Slightly overfill the container so that when you put a lid on it the guacamole is pressing right up against the lid to create an airtight seal. Some people say put the pit of the avocado in or cover the top with lime juice. Is a little brown avocado really going to hurt you though? Some of you people don’t wash your hands after using public restrooms and you’re worried about slight discoloration of your guacamole. ⁣

❓How do you cook steak so it’s not tough?⁣
❗️Cook it one step below your preferred doneness. If you like medium, cook it medium rare. It will come up to the proper level when you reheat in the microwave. And for the love of god don’t microwave it for 3 minutes until it’s brown and wonder why it’s rubbery. YOU destroyed it, not the microwave. Microwave it until it’s heated and no more. ⁣

❓P.S. ⁣
❗️If you missed it yesterday, I put out a new digital cookbook called The Meal Prep Manual-Desserts on my website and it’s available for download completely free so you can have many of the dessert recipes you see on this page all in one place ?⁣

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