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Cheesy Chive Hasselbacks: I’ve been craving these like forever, and I finally go…


Cheesy Chive Hasselbacks: I’ve been craving these like forever, and I finally got around to making them. This to me is #selfcare ?? What you need: 2lbs medium potatoes (I used russet and a purple skin/white flesh variety from the farmers market)) 2tbls melted vegan butter, store bought vegan cheddar slices, chives, salt, & pepper
1️⃣Preheat oven 450 degrees F
2️⃣Place chopsticks on either side of the length of the potato, slice 1/8 in slice width wise, work your way down the potato, the chopsticks stop your knife from cutting the potato into slices
3️⃣ After you finish slicing each potato place them in a bowl of cold water for 30-45min
4️⃣ Dry potato and brush tops and sides with melted butter add desired amount of salt and pepper
5️⃣ Place potatoes on parchment lined and bake for 20 min
6️⃣ Take potatoes out, brush again with melted butter, this time being sure to get way in there between the slices because the potato should have fanned out a bit. Bake 20 min
7️⃣ Repeat step 6
8️⃣This is where the magic happens, add ripped pieces of cheese between slices of potato. You can use as much cheese as you like. I used about 4 slices.
9️⃣ Place potatoes back in oven, cook till cheese is melted and bubbly 5-10 min depending on cheese
? I topped mine with lots of chives, coconut bacon, sour cream (not pictured). Enjoy. Happy Monday☕️



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