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Boo… What are you dressing up as today? I am not No spooky food, just a sandw…


?Boo… What are you dressing up as today? I am not?
No spooky food, just a sandwich made from yesterday’s leftover
Prensenting.. vegan meatloaf sandwich? with vegan spread?
Meatloaf recipe:
Check out my stuffed mushrooms filling from yesterday. I added 4 aquafaba eggs and more @followyourheart Parm, bake covered for 30mins at 375F, and 10mins uncovered.
Fixing the sandwich:
Spread a thick layer of vegan spread of your choice (???pic for the one I used), layer with butter lettuce, radicchio and spinach.
Cut a thick piece of meatloaf, lightly pressed on top of spinach. Continue piling up with sliced ?,?, smoke mushrooms (pan fry without oil on non stick pan), purple cabbage, and another slice of bread with vegan dip. You can grill this sandwich or just eat as is?
Enjoy and DM or leave a comment below if you have questions.
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