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BBQ tofu wonton noodles ‘干捞云吞面’ – who wants a bite?⁣ ⁣ Happy Saturday, everyone….


BBQ tofu wonton noodles ‘干捞云吞面’ – who wants a bite??⁣

Happy Saturday, everyone?. Sharing a delicious meal that my papa?likes to order for his breakfast at home. This is a very common dish for breakfast but you can have them for lunch or dinner too.?
Wonton noodles are usually made from egg and I found sunnoodles ramen as substitute which has the perfect texture and taste for this dish.⁣?

Recipe (serves 2)⁣
✔️BBQ tofu:⁣
~ 2 cubes of fried tofu⁣
~ 2.5 tablespoons soy sauce, 1/2 tablespoon hoisin sauce, 1/2 tablespoon garlic chili sauce, 2 teaspoons maple syrup, dash of 5-spice powder (optional), white pepper⁣
?In a heated low heat pan with all sauces, immerse tofu. Using a spoon, scoop sauce to ‘marinate’ the tofu, or flip few times so tofu is covered in sauce until all sauce is absorbed. For a sweeter version, you may add more maple syrup. Set tofu aside⁣

✔️Wonton noodles (for 2 servings):⁣
~ 1 pack of ramen, cooked based on package instructions⁣
~ Blanched Yu Choy⁣
~ Sauce: 2 teaspoons dark soy sauce, 1 teaspoon soy sauce and stir fry sauce, drizzle of sesame oil, fried shallots, white pepper⁣
?Mix sauce in a plate, and as soon as noodles is cook, toss them with sauce until well combined. ⁣

✔️Wonton recipe – see few posts back. How to store wontons if you make a big batch? Placed wrapped wonton on a non stick pan, making sure they are not touching, and freeze. Then, remove wonton and now you can store them together in a bag. If you store freshly wrapped wonton without the first step, they will stick together – no fun.?

Serve noodles warm with BBQ tofu, blanched veggies, boiled wontons and pickled jalapeños. Enjoy and have a nice fun? Saturday⁣?
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