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Arugula salad with charred sugar snap peas, green peas, prosciutto, in a lemony-…

Arugula salad with charred sugar snap peas, green peas, prosciutto, in a lemony-shallot dressing, topped with lemon zest + Parmesan.
Trim a couple handfuls of sugar snap peas, clean and pat dry. In a carbon steel pan, heat some neutral oil on high heat. When almost smoking, add in the snap peas and cook undisturbed for about 1-2 min. until slightly charred on one side. Toss to quickly warm up the other side, about 30-seconds. Remove from heat and set aside. Meanwhile, in some boiling water, blanch a few handfuls of fresh or thawed frozen peas for about 1 minute. Drain well and set aside.
Dressing: in a small bowl, mix a small finely-minced or thinly-sliced shallot with juice from half a lemon. Stir in about 1-2 tsp of Dijon mustard and whisk in your preferred amount of good-quality olive oil. Season with salt and pepper, taste, and adjust the amount of lemon juice as needed.
Assembly: in a salad bowl or plate, layer on some arugula, top with blanched peas, charred snap peas, a few slices of prosciutto. Drizzle all over with dressing, top with lemon zest and grated Parmesan. Toss, eat, and enjoy!
Inspired by the “pea and prosciutto salad” recipe on @bonappetitmag. #f52salad


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