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⁣Tropical fruits from Malaysia.. Happy Tuesday friends, sharing some of my favor…

⁣Tropical fruits from Malaysia.. Happy Tuesday friends, sharing some of my favor…


⁣Tropical fruits from Malaysia.. Happy Tuesday friends?, sharing some of my favorite local fruits.⁣
⁣Have you had any of these before? Share in the comments your favorite or the ones that you would love to try.⁣

Here is what I have (from top left):⁣
✔️Pulasan (thanks to all who told me the real name) – a fruit very similar to rambutan without the hairy outer skin. It has a seed in the middle & the white flesh is sweet and juicy. ⁣
✔️Rambutan – just love how fresh they look. The red and hairy skin may seem intimidating, but this juicy fruit is delicious.
✔️Durian – the King of fruits with a distinct smell that you’ll either love or dislike. Just like any other fruits, durian is good in smoothie, nice cream, shakes and even savory dishes (I haven’t tried it before though). Durian has lots of variety, and the most popular type include Musang King & latest is Black Thorn.
✔️Passion fruit – this tart & healthy fruit is my love since teenager. First encounter was as a topping on a cold soft tofu. I couldn’t forget the taste since then, & affordable these days.
✔️Rose apple/Jambu air – I have shared this on my stories few weeks ago, this fruit is mostly available in Southeast Asia. It’s not overly sweet, a little crunchy and best to eat when you are thirsty.⁣?
✔️Mangosteen – used to be sold side by side with durian is sometimes known as the Queen of fruits to the locals.? The white flesh is sweet and you won’t just stop eating one. It is addictive & boasts many health benefits such as high in antioxidants.⁣
✔️Mango – it’s no stranger to anyone, this fruit is sweet and full of flavor. ⁣
✔️Ciku/Sapodilla/Chikoo – some of you know this fruit and shared different names with me – thank you! his fruit is ready to be consumed when you smell an aromatic fragrant. Sweet and juicy, this fruit brings back lots of childhood memories.
✔️Longkong – is my mom’s ? This fruit has soft skin & you peel it off like a small tangerine, & eat it by wedges. The look is similar to Langsat but this does not have the milky secretion from the skin.

Hope you like this share.? I am missing some of my favorites though such as guava, dragonfruit, soursop, cherimoya, papaya, and starfruit.?



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